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IT Services & Software Development

We develop software solutions for customers with high quality. We use latest technologies for rapid development which is cost-effective as well as efficient to use.


We provide time critical data processing solutions clients both online and offline through a strong team highly qualified software programmers & analysts who are actively involved in providing support functions for the data processing team. We use industry standard image processing software while undertaking cropping and resizing of images in various formats viz. tiff, jpeg etc. We use this for those clients who provide the inputs in the form of images. By using such software we help reduce the file size of the images and subsequently reduce the transmission time for critical projects involving high volume data processing. Processing essentially involves collecting data, converting it into the master data, tabulation and validation and finally transfers of output back in a media as per clients requirement.


We strongly believe knowledge should be shared. We provide training in all latest technologies. like JAVA, .NET, PHP etc.

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